TD-500D Hand Held Oil in Water Analyzer stands ready around the world for immediate service.

The discharge of oil into water, land, or storm water drains can be very harmful to our environment. Recent oily water discharges and oil spill incidents raised the concern about oil pollution to marine waters. Many countries have taken action setting up surveillance systems including vessels and aerial surveillance air crafts for pollution prevention and instant reactions. Read more.



Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments

Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the


THE WORLD’S BEST hand held

oil in water analyzer!


Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, announced today the launch of new packaging for the TD-500D, the ONLY, truly portable handheld oil in water analyzer. 


No wires, no glass fiber cables, no delicate probes:  Just Portable!

TD-500D Anniversary

TD-500D Gloved 5

The new packaging includes a water proof Quick Reference Guide that displays both our revolutionary No Solvent Method and Solvent Extraction Method.  The guide hangs on the wall to provide quick reference while performing Oil in Water analysis in the lab or in the field. Still included in the TD-500D packaging, is our always popular Waterproof Pocket Notebook.

“Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is committed to the measurement of oil in water – it is our only business. We strive to create better products and methods that continuously take advantage of our field experience” states Gary Bartman, President.